Alight motion

Elevate your editing with Alight Motion, a versatile app offering advanced tools for seamless animations, diverse effects, and precise transformations. Perfect for creating professional-quality videos and animations with ease.

From Beginner to PRO with Alight Motion

As the pioneering professional motion design app, Alight Motion offers animation, motion graphics, visual effects, video editing, and more. Enjoy seamless layering of graphics, vector editing, a wide range of effects, keyframe animation, and collaborative features. Elevate your designs with Alight Motion’s versatile tools!

Animation Drawing

Create intricate animations and illustrations with vector-based techniques, ensuring high-quality and smooth manipulation.

Diverse Effects Library

Extensive collection of effects, transitions, and filters for unique and creative video enhancements.

Advanced Editing Tools

 Keyframing, masking, and layering provide meticulous control over animations and visual effects.

Optical Flow Interpolation

Enhance video smoothness and stability, especially for correcting shaky footage.

Background Removal

Easily isolate subjects and objects for seamless integration into different settings.

Export and Sharing

Tailor export settings and share content across social media platforms seamlessly.

Media Integration

Easily import images, videos, and audio files for streamlined editing.

Multilayer Editing

Work with multiple elements, effects, and animations within a single project for depth and complexity.

Watermark Management

Manage watermarks and export quality effectively.

New Alight Motion 5.0 release

Introducing ALIGHT MOTION 5.0! Released on 30 May 2023, this version packs a punch with long-awaited features:

  • Time Remapping: Control video speed effortlessly.
  • Template Editor: Swap media in seconds.
  • Presets: Save, apply, and share your creative styles!
  • Creator Rewards: Score shopping vouchers and more.
  • Fresh downloadable templates and presets.
  • A thrilling batch of new effects.
  • Ultra-precise effect value input via keypad.

Exploring Alight Motion Editions

Use the free version or get more with Alight Motion PRO

Alight Motion FREE


Free unlimited

  • Basic animation and visual effects tools.
  • A limited selection of effects and templates.
  • Watermark on created videos.

Alight Motion PRO


Monthly Subscription

  • Advanced tools for professional-level work.
  • Unlimited effects, templates, and features.
  • No watermark on videos.

Which video editor for the phone is better?

FunctionAlight MotionCapCutAfter Effects
TypeProfessional Motion DesignUser-Friendly Video EditingRobust Motion Graphics
CapabilitiesAnimation, Motion Graphics, Visual EffectsBasic Animation and EffectsExtensive Animation and Visual Effects
FeaturesVector and Bitmap Editing, Layering of Graphics, Video, and AudioVideo Trimming, Cutting, Merging, Filters, Transitions, Text OverlaysComplex Keyframe Animation, Professional-Grade Compositing
AnimationKeyframe Animation for Precise ControlBasic Animation for VideosComplex Animation and Visual Effects
EffectsLibrary of Effects for Creative EnhancementSimple Filters, TransitionsWide Array of Effects and Tools
WatermarkPresent in Free VersionNo Watermark on Exported VideosNo Watermark on Exported Projects
CostOffers Paid PRO VersionFree to Use with No Subscription FeesSubscription-Based, Access to Premium Features


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