How to use Green Screen in Alight Motion (Chroma Key)

Chroma key, also known as green screen, is a visual effects technique that allows you to overlay video or image content onto a background of your choosing. It works by removing a specific color from the foreground footage, which will be replaced with the desired background.

This powerful technique has been used extensively in filmmaking and broadcasting to create the illusion that actors are in an entirely different environment than where they were filmed. With video editing apps like Alight Motion, anyone can take advantage of the Chroma key to transport themselves into vivid virtual worlds for their videos, movies, or gaming streams right from their mobile device.

Choosing the Key Color

The first step in creating a chroma key effect is to pick which color you want to make transparent. Green and blue screens are the most commonly used, but you can theoretically select any color as your chroma key.

For this example, let’s use green as our chroma key color. Import your green screen video clip to the Alight Motion timeline. Tap on the layer to open editing options, then select the “FX” tab. You will see a “Chroma Key” effect with a color dropdown menu.

Tap the dropdown and choose the eyedropper icon to activate the color picker. Move the eyedropper around your preview screen until it selects the predominant green color in your footage. This will become your transparent “key” color.

Preparing the Video or Image Layer

Now you need to add the background layer that will show through the transparent areas of your green screen footage. This can be another video clip, image, or solid color background.

Import the background layer to a new track on the timeline above your green screen footage. Scale and position it to fully cover the frame. Make sure it completely obscures the green area you want to make transparent.

Applying the Green Screen Effect

Go back to your green screen layer and adjust the Chroma Key settings. Drag the Strength slider to 100% to remove the green screen color completely. Play back the preview to see your background showing through.

Pay attention to areas along the edges of your subject that still show traces of green. This is known as “fringing.” Adjust the Tolerance and Smoothing sliders to reduce fringe and create a clean silhouette effect.

Adjusting Key Settings

Alight Motion provides advanced keying controls to fine-tune your chroma key effect:

  • Spill Removal – Eliminates any green or blue reflections on your subject
  • Matte – Controls opacity/edges of the alpha channel
  • Alpha Tolerance – Removes fringe by adjusting alpha transparency
  • Erode/Dilate – Shrinks/expands edges of alpha channel
  • Gamma – Adjusts color gamma of the foreground layer

Experiment with these settings while previewing your key to achieve maximum realism. Subtle tweaks make a big difference!

Fine-Tuning the Key

Even with proper green screen setup and lighting, you may notice artifacts like pockets of remaining color or unwanted transparency. Here are some tips for perfecting your key:

  • Use Masks to manually cut out any stubborn spots of green
  • Add a Color Correction effect to match foreground and background lighting
  • Use the Crop tool to remove rough edges if needed
  • Add a slight Blur to help composite layers look more cohesive

Zoom in on the edges of your subject and make micro-adjustments until the silhouette blends seamlessly into the background.

Working with Green Screen Footage

Shooting quality green screen footage is crucial for getting great results in Alight Motion. Here are some quick tips:

  • Use bright, consistent green or blue screens without creases
  • Evenly light both background and foreground
  • Leave space between subject and background
  • Avoid casting shadows on the background
  • Record clips at the highest resolution possible

Proper lighting and camera work goes a long way in saving time on cleanup and editing.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Here are some common problems and solutions for working with chroma key in Alight Motion:

Fuzzy Edges/Fringing – Increase Tolerance, enable Erode/Dilate filters

Green Spill on Subject – Turn on Spill Removal, adjust Gamma

White/Grey Areas – Lower Alpha Tolerance or increase Strength

Grainy Background – Add Noise Reduction to foreground, increase Mood Blur

Moving Shadows – Use Masks to cover them up or rotoscope subject

Reflections on Skin – Gentle application of Blur to soften reflections

Foreground Too Bright – Add Exposure/Contrast correction effect

Composite Looks Fake – Match color temperature and perspective, add Motion Blur

Adding Effects and Enhancements

After achieving a clean chroma key, you can enhance your composite with effects:

  • Motion Blur – Smoothly blends layers and adds realism
  • Color Filters – Tint foreground and background for mood
  • Light Leaks – Create dreamy, ethereal atmosphere
  • Fog Overlay – Ground the subject in their new environment
  • Camera Shake – Makes composite feel handheld
  • Sound Effects/Music – Completes the cinematic ambiance

Get creative with Alight Motion’s wide array of video filters and presets to visually take your chroma key compositions to the next level.

Exporting the Final Video

When your chroma key edit is complete, the last step is exporting it for sharing online or with other devices.

Tap the “Export” button in the top right corner of Alight Motion. Select your desired resolution and frame rate. Exporting chroma key videos using a Codec like H.264 or HEVC at High Bitrate will retain maximum quality.

You can save the video directly to your device gallery or share it instantly on popular platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more.

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