Alight Motion Changelog (All versions)

The latest version of Alight Motion Mod you can download here.

Version 5.1.0 – Bezier Handles and Control Points (August 2023)

  • Edit shape points and handles for precision vector drawing
  • Improved responsiveness when manipulating control points
  • Set handles independently on each point for advanced curves
  • Reshape complex vector paths efficiently
  • Convert stars/polygons to bezier curves for editing
  • Smoother default curves and improved spatial interpolation

Version 5.0.3 – Transform Anchor Points (August 2023)

  • Set layer transform anchor points independently of the position
  • Align anchor points for logical rotating and scaling
  • New rotation gizmo relative to anchor point
  • Individual edge transforms without affecting anchor point
  • Scale, skew, and flip layers without moving anchor point
  • Significant workflow improvements for layer transforms

Version 5.0.2 – Keyframe Velocity (July 2023)

  • Set incoming and outgoing keyframe velocity
  • Create smoother accelerated motion with ease
  • Improved default interpolation with continuous velocity
  • Velocity-based bounce, overshoot, and spring effects
  • Waveform shows velocity alongside keyframes
  • Presets for wind, gravity, bounce, elastic motions

Version 5.0.1 – Layer Styles (June 2023)

  • Apply multiple effects as reusable layer styles
  • Browse included styles like Cinematic, Retro, Elegant
  • Build and save custom layer styles
  • Adjust or keyframe effects within applied styles
  • Copy/paste styles between layers
  • 30 included layer style presets

Version 5.0.0 – Layer Parenting (May 2023)

  • Parent layers into animated hierarchies and machines
  • Children inherit position, rotation, and scaling of parent
  • Add null objects for more control over relationships
  • Leverage parenting to coordinate complex animations
  • Check hierarchy and troubleshoot motion issues
  • Significant workflow improvements

Version 4.5.12 – Keyframe Waveforms (May 2023)

  • Unified interactive timeline and keyframe waveform
  • See and edit timing in the context of other layers
  • Scale waveform vertically for precision
  • Ghost keyframes for easy before/after comparison
  • Improved snapping while editing keyframes
  • Streamlined navigation, scrolling and selections

Version 4.5.11 – Keyframe Interpolation (May 2023)

  • Set spatial and temporal interpolation independently
  • Customizable exponential, anticipatory easing
  • Curve editor graphs to fine-tune easing
  • Presets for bounce, wind-up, overshoot, elastic effects
  • Scale value waveform for precision timing edits
  • Vastly improved default easing

Version 4.5.8 – Onion Skinning (April 2023)

  • Onion skinning to preview frames on the main timeline
  • Set onion skin strength and offset
  • Use on the timeline and enable on export
  • Solo specific layers while onion skinning
  • Color code frames for clarity
  • Streamlined frame-by-frame animation workflow

Version 4.5.7 – Keyframe Cloning (April 2023)

  • Reuse keyframes by cloning them across layers
  • Offset timing while cloning
  • Clone multiple properties together
  • Include child layer transforms when cloning parent keyframes
  • Improved organization and project-wide search
  • Other workflow refinements

Version 4.5.6 – Scrolling Text (April 2023)

  • Add scrolling title effects to text layers
  • Control direction, speed, start delay, and loop amount
  • Treat text as whole or scroll individual characters
  • Randomize scrolling for unique kinetic results
  • 30 included scrolling text animation presets
  • Significant text animation upgrade

Version 4.5.5 – Audio Effects (April 2023)

  • Apply effects like reverb, delay, and filter to audio clips
  • Automate effect settings with keyframes
  • Per-track effect sends for managing effect chains
  • Improved real-time effect performance
  • Waveform shows applied effects directly
  • Enhanced sound design capabilities

Version 4.5.4 – Gradient Text (March 2023)

  • Fill text layers with linear, radial, or angular gradients
  • Animate gradation changes over time
  • Convert gradients to shapes for further editing
  • Gradient texture fills like cloth, metal, distorted noise
  • Improved default formatting
  • More dynamic typography options

Version 4.5.3 – Collaboration (March 2023)

  • Multi-user project access with permissions
  • Track changes with version history
  • Annotations and markups for team feedback
  • Kanban boards to prioritize and schedule
  • An improved organization with collections
  • Better tools for managing team workflows

Version 4.5.1 – Keyframe Effects (March 2023)

  • Apply and keyframe effects directly on clips
  • Access all effects in main timeline
  • Track effect changes in clip waveform
  • Improved keyframing workflow
  • Effect enable keyframes to fade effects in/out
  • Enhanced motion graphics and VFX workflows

Version 4.5.0 – Duik Rigging (March 2023)

  • Character rigging and animation system
  • Auto-generate rigs from artwork with Autorig
  • IK solvers for natural movement of limbs
  • Animate deformers, shapes, joints
  • Tools like Rubberhose for bending
  • 30 included animation presets

Version 4.4.4 – Geometry Effects (February 2023)

  • Kaleidoscope, Polar Coordinates, and Repeater Effects
  • Distort in circular, mirrored patterns
  • Duplicate layers in geometric arrays
  • Animated fractal noise patterns
  • 30 included geometric video effect presets
  • Expand multimedia effect capabilities

Version 4.4.3 – Keyframe Falloff (January 2023)

  • Control keyframe influence over time
  • Adjustable acceleration into and out of keyframes
  • Set different in/out falloff amounts
  • Presets like Bounce and Shake
  • Improved default animation curves
  • More natural looking eased motions

Version 4.4.2 – Effect Templates (January 2023)

  • Save effect settings, keyframes, etc. as templates
  • Download and apply templates from the community library
  • Create template packages and collections
  • Review and rate templates
  • Improved organization and community engagement
  • Enhanced creative possibilities

Version 4.4.1 – Mask Tracking (December 2022)

  • Draw masks to auto-track movement in footage
  • Offsets and rotation adjustments
  • Control tracking sensitivity and snapping
  • Dynamic mask scaling based on perspective
  • 30 included mask tracking presets
  • More effortless compositing capabilities

Version 4.4.0 – Motion Tracking (December 2022)

  • Track position, angle, and perspective in footage
  • Stabilize shaky clips
  • Apply tracked motion to titles and objects
  • Smooth tracked path with low-pass filter
  • Significant upgrade to expand the effects toolset

Version 4.3.6 – Keyframe Interpolation (December 2022)

  • Customize interpolation modes like Linear, Bezier
  • Discrete holds vs smooth continuous animation
  • Easy bezier handles for smoothing motion
  • Interpolation presets like Bounce and Elastic
  • Right-click menu for quick changes
  • More control over animation curves

Version 4.3.5 – AudioMixer (November 2022)

  • Mix volume, pan, and effects across tracks
  • Waveform visualization
  • Master track for final mix adjustments
  • Per-clip volume and pan envelopes
  • Keyframe automation for animated mixing
  • Advanced audio production capabilities

Version 4.3.4 – Chroma Key (November 2022)

  • Key out green screen backgrounds
  • Clean up keys with spill suppression
  • Matte tools to refine edges
  • Composite layers into custom virtual environments
  • 30 included virtual studio presets
  • Significantly enhanced compositing toolset

Version 4.3.3 – Particle Effects (November 2022)

  • Generate magical motion graphics like fire, rain, and smoke
  • Control emitter shape, particle physics and lifespans
  • Combine multiple systems for stunning animations
  • 30 included presets for sparks, fairy dust, etc.
  • Major upgrade with versatile new effects

Version 4.3.2 – Keyframe Effects (October 2022)

  • Apply effects directly on layers with keyframes
  • Convenient access within clip inspector panel
  • Improved keyframing workflow speed
  • Effect enable keyframes to fade effects in/out
  • Significant workflow upgrade to streamline motion graphics and VFX

Version 4.3.1 – Shape Layers (October 2022)

  • Add and customize vector shape layers
  • Draw paths with pen tool
  • Boolean operations like union, subtract, intersect
  • Convert to bezier paths for editing points
  • 30 included complex shape presets
  • Major upgrade to increase graphic capabilities

Version 4.2.8 – Color Grading LUTs (October 2022)

  • Apply custom Lookup Tables for color grading
  • 30 included LUTs emulating cinema looks
  • Split screen comparison and waveform monitoring
  • Additional blend modes like Hard and Soft Light
  • Significant visual enhancement possibilities

Version 4.2.7 – Speed/Duration Effects (October 2022)

  • Speed up or slow down clip playback
  • Constant speed changes vs time remapping
  • Custom speed adjustment curves
  • Reverse clip playback
  • 30 included speed effect presets like fast forward
  • New creative montage and playback possibilities

Version 4.2.6 – Anchor Points (September 2022)

  • Reposition layer anchor points visually for better transforms
  • Set points independently from layer position
  • Rotate and scale layers relative to adjustable anchors
  • Individual edge transform controls
  • Major workflow upgrade for transforming layers

Version 4.2.5 – Keyframe Cloning (September 2022)

  • Reuse keyframes easily by cloning them
  • Offset values when cloning keyframes
  • Improved project-wide search to find keyframes
  • Other workflow refinements like better copy/paste
  • Upgraded repetitive animation workflows across layers

Version 4.2.4 – Waveform Visualization (September 2022)

  • Display clip keyframes and markers directly on the timeline as waveform
  • See timing and spacing clearly at a glance
  • Scale waveform up for more precision
  • Improved editing workflow with visual reference
  • Easier navigation and selections

Version 4.2.3 – Masking (August 2022)

  • Limit effects and gradients with vector masks
  • Adjust mask shape, feathering, and expansion
  • Animate mask movement, points, and opacity
  • Use text and shape outlines to mask them
  • Significant upgrade with more control over focused effects

Version 4.2.2 – Color Corrector (August 2022)

  • New Luma, Chroma, RGB Parade scopes
  • Shadows, mid-tones, and highlights color wheels
  • Curves for dialing in color channels precisely
  • Tools for shot matching and color analysis
  • Major workflow upgrade for color professionals

Version 4.2.1 – Keyframe Effects (July 2022)

  • Apply, customize, and keyframe effects directly on layers
  • Convenient access from timeline instead of inspector
  • Effect stack organization and toggling capability
  • Greatly improved motion graphics workflows
  • Major upgrade to streamline VFX and animation

Version 4.2 – Collaboration (June 2022)

  • Share projects with team members
  • User roles with view/edit permissions
  • Review and provide timecoded annotations
  • Prioritize tasks on project management boards
  • Improved team productivity and iteration

Version 4.1.1 – Waveforms (May 2022)

  • View and scrub keyframes, markers directly in timeline waveform
  • See timing, spacing, and overlap clearly
  • Scaled waveform for precision edits
  • Easier navigation and selections
  • Greatly enhanced animation workflows

Version 4.1 – 3D Compositions (April 2022)

  • Move layers in 3D space for parallax motion
  • Position layers at varying depths
  • Adjust 3D camera position, angle and zoom
  • Animate camera moves and focal plane
  • Significant scope expansion into 3D compositing

Version 4.0.3 – Onion Skinning (January 2022)

  • Onion skin timeline layers for animation
  • Customize onion skin strength and offset
  • View onions skins in the timeline and on export
  • Solo specific layers while onion skinning
  • Color code frames for clarity
  • Streamlined traditional frame-by-frame workflows

Version 4.0.2 – Gradient Fill (November 2021)

  • Fill layers with linear, radial, and angular gradients
  • Animate gradient changes over time
  • Gradient generator presets like stripes, dimples, dots
  • Use gradients from masks and converted text
  • 30 included complex gradient presets
  • More possibilities for texturing and effects

Version 4.0 – Keyframe Interpolation (November 2021)

  • Customize interpolation for individual keyframes
  • Set spatial and temporal easing modes like Bezier
  • Discrete holds for stop motion style animation
  • Easy bezier handles for smoothing motion
  • Presets like Bounce, Elastic, and Exponential
  • Enhanced realism by finetuning animation curves

Version 3.10 – Layer Parenting (October 2021)

  • Parent layers into hierarchies for coordinated animation
  • Children inherit transforms of parent layer
  • Leverage parenting to animate complex jointed machines
  • Troubleshoot motion with hierarchy visualization
  • Significant workflow upgrade for animating multiple layers

Version 3.9 – Shape Layers (July 2021)

  • Add and customize vector shape layers
  • Draw custom paths with pen tool
  • 30 included shape animation presets
  • Convert masks and text into editable shapes
  • Major upgrade with new capabilities for motion graphics

Version 1.0 – Initial Release (May 2016)

  • Core timeline based video editing workflow
  • Import and arrange clips on video tracks
  • Trim, split, duplicate and delete clips
  • Text animation presets and customization
  • Basic audio editing features
  • Export edited videos up to 720p resolution

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